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Jenny Baboolal

Photography has long been a passion for Jenny, and she has been pointing her lens at the Children’s Carnival and the natural environment for decades. Being able to capture anything she finds interesting or beautiful, and share the infinitely wonderful world with others, keeps her love of photography alive.

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My Story

Jenny Baboolal, originally from Trinidad, is a photo artist, arts advocate, environmentalist and versatile entrepreneur. Her photographic work has been exhibited at esteemed venues like the Trinidad and Tobago National Museum, The Royal Ontario Museum and Toronto's City Hall. 

With a passion for education, she coordinated arts programs in Toronto’s inner city schools and played a pivotal role at Canada's first Children’s Art Centre. 

She co-founded a film company highlighting children's art and also produced a documentary highlighting the importance of art to society. 

Jenny co-founded one of Canada's first high-resolution computer graphics companies in Canada, pionerring the industry. 

Merging art and environmentalism she produced nature sound CDs, one gifted to Barack Obama and Nelson Mandela., and produced 'Going Green', a carnival band with an eco-conscious theme. An active writer, Jenny's articles have appeared in Caribbean newspapers in Trinidad and Toronto.


Today, she remains dedicated to the projects that promote arts, culture and environmentalism. 

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